I'm not into fearmongering so I share this with a big emphasis that this is an event that I still find extremely unlikely to happen. But, I share because there's an updated list of what places would be most likely targets if a nuclear confrontation happened and there are Missouri and Illinois locations that are high on the list.

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Have I mentioned that I find this extremely unlikely to happen? I say it again because it's important that this not freak anyone out. However, I find it interesting that a new 24/7 Wall St report says that one of the top 4 places likely to be hit first in a nuclear attack would be Chicago. As one of the largest cities in America, that's not a surprise.

Business Insider also featured an updated list of targets they believe would be part of a first strike and they list Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri. Considering that much of America's stealth fighter force is located there, that's also not a surprise.

Let's be very clear about something. This assumes an all-out first strike attack or retaliation for an all-out first strike attack. Most experts find this extremely unlikely to happen.

Major metros like Chicago, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. being among the first hit during a nuclear attack is not surprising or anything different from what's been predicted in the past if a worst case scenario occurs. However, I think many forget about Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri being in the crosshairs of Putin potentially as this is the current home of many stealth fighters and also will be for the new B-21 Stealth Raider.

The fact that this is something we need to think about again is unfortunate. I spent my teenage years during the Cold War where my generation had movies like Red Dawn and The Day After reminding us of potential nuclear annihilation from the Soviet Union. Thanks to recent threats from Putin, now another generation sadly needs to consider what would happen if suddenly the world goes crazy. Business Insider estimates that he's not bluffing. So hard to imagine.

Let's hope this is something only realized in apocalyptic movies and not a future world our kids grow up in.

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