When I was seven years old I bought my first album. It was 'Ya'll Come Back Saloon' by The Oak Ridge Boys. It wasn't just my first record, it was the group's first as a country act. They had been a gospel group for years before making the cross over into mainstream country music.

That album didn't have any Christmas songs on it but I tell the story to set up why my favorite Christmas songs are what they are. From that very young age I was hooked on the Oak Ridge Boys, and I still am today. In my opinion, and the opinion of a lot of others, no one else blends harmonies like the Oaks. No else else sounds as strong doing it, and not many have had the type of long and successful career doing it as the Oak Ridge Boys have had, and continue to have.

My two favorite Christmas songs have been sung and recorded by many, many different people over the years. To me though, no one sings them like Duane, Richard, William Lee and Joe. Now granted 'The Hallelujah Chorus' may not specifically be a Christmas song, some would consider it a gospel song or even an Easter song, but it's Christmas enough. I associate it with Christmas, and this performance is fantastic. Give it a listen and I bet you might agree.

I can't listen to that performance without getting chills. My other favorite doesn't have a real video to go with it unfortunately, but you can still enjoy the song. 'There's A New Kid In Town,' with a special Oaks touch... a few a Capella bars of 'Away In A Manger' to start it off. Enjoy.