Let the debate begin, are hot dog’s sandwiches? Well, in the state of Illinois they are and they were picked to be the most iconic sandwich in the state, but I tend to disagree.

Chicago-Style Hot Dogs

Out of all the sandwiches in the country; turkey, ham, burgers, maid-rites, ham, PB&J even the most iconic sandwich for Illinois is the Chicago-Style Hot Dog. Wait, what? Travel website Orbitz.com release the top 50 sandwiches in each state, and stated that the the Chicago-Style Hot Dog was Illinois' iconic sandwich. Where do I begin?

First, as good as they do look, Chicago-Style Hot Dogs are gross, I mean how can you eat something that has all those toppings and the hot dog itself taste weird. Traditionally a Chicago-Style Hot Dog is topped with yellow mustard, chopped white onions, bright green sweet pickle relish, a dill pickle spear, tomato slices or wedges, pickled sport peppers and a dash of celery salt. Now I am sure if you live in Chicago, it’s the best thing since slide bread was invented, but not for this chick right here, they are just plain distrusting, and most of all they are not sandwiches.

Even the President of the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, Eric Mittenthal said,

"A hot dog is not a sandwich, if you go to a hot dog vendor and you say give me a sandwich, they're going to look at you like you're crazy. It's just culturally not the same as a sandwich."

He went on to say that hot dogs are basically in a different food category on their own,

"In essence it boils down to a hot dog is its own unique item that exceeds the sandwich category. It breaks itself free of the sandwich category. People love to argue with us, but no, a hot dog is not a sandwich,"

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I Was Right!

So, my first point is proven, hot dogs ARE NOT AND WILL NEVER BE SANDWICH'S, man I love to be right. So, this brings me to my next point, the Chicago-Style Hot Dog should not be an iconic sandwich because technically it’s not a sandwich. So, what's my opinion on what sandwich should be considered iconic for Illinois? How about the tenderloin sandwich, they come in so many sizes I've seen them as big as a plate, but small as a regular sandwich? You can get it loaded with all your favorite toppings and have it your way, or just plain.

For those you those of you that enjoy a good Chicago-Style Hot Dog, hey we all have our weird food obsessions, but remember you’re not eating a sandwich.

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