Earlier in May of 2019, Montgomery Gentry's Eddie Montgomery announced a forthcoming new EP called Outskirts, a collection of songs that he and his duo partner Troy Gentry recorded shortly before Gentry's untimely and sudden death in the fall of 2017. The project consists of outtakes and extra songs the pair cut while making what turned out to be their last album, Here's to You, as well as two covers: Montgomery's take on Merle Haggard's "What Am I Gonna Do With the Rest of My Life" and Gentry's rendition of Darrell Scott's "You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive."

Now, the EP's title track has been released ahead of its June 14 release date. A boot-stomping, hometown pride anthem, "Outskirts" calls on vivid imagery and soaring vocals, conjuring some of the most iconic pictures of small-town life. “I’m all about that red dirt / Hot girl in a T-shirt / Sweat ring on my ball cap / Cold beer in my hand when I get off work,” the pair sing.

In 2018, as he prepared to release Here's to You, Montgomery explained that the decision to release the project was a no-brainer despite Gentry's death, saying that Gentry would "be freaking out if we weren't releasing this CD -- he's half of it." Though he took time away from music to grieve and process his partner's death, Montgomery never considered not releasing the project.

Now, he's just as excited for listeners to hear the new batch of songs on Outskirts. "Can't wait for my friends to hear these songs. T-Roy and I had a blast recording them," he said of the EP.

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