On second thought, I don't think I want that overnight watchman job after seeing a Missouri security cam video that appears to show a ghostly full body apparition.

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This video that's just been shared on YouTube included the following chilling description of what you're about to see:

This surveillance video is from the office of the Dollar General store in Humansville, Missouri. The witness stated the following: "This was video is from a Dollar General Store in Humansville, Missouri around 2am."

I think I may know what's going on here, but watch first and see what you think before I give my opinion.

If this were the old days of VCR security cameras, I would swear that the tape didn't get erased before it started recording again. That does look like the ghost image of a person, but I sense it's just a phantom image from another recording.

Here's the problem with that theory. This isn't the days of the VCR anymore and the recordings are digital. Unless someone is trying to punk us and add a layer on top of another video, that's the only way I know to explain what this security camera shows.

By the way, I did verify that this Dollar General is real in Humansville, Missouri. That's a town that's about halfway between Lake of the Ozarks and Springfield, Missouri.

Is this a real ghost on the Dollar Store security cam or a hoax? If nothing else it's extremely entertaining video that is likely to discourage applications for that overnight watchman job.

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