If you have an electric car in Missouri, good news for you. If you don't have an electric car, perhaps this will inspire you to consider one. There are multiple reports that Missouri plans to invest $100 million dollars on charging stations.

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Government Technology shared the news that the state of Missouri plans to spend $100 million on electric charging stations for vehicles which is part of a national plan. They say that MODOT "recently submitted a draft report to the federal government outlining how it plans to add charging stations at key locations along the state's interstate highway system."

It's important to note that the $100 appears to be provided by the federal government as this has become quite a conversation on the Missouri sub-Reddit page.

The Missouri Times clarified this even more stating that the $1.2 billion dollar federal plan estimates that Missouri will receive just over $99 million over a 5-year period. They also state that there will be large amounts of grant money that could also be applied for to boost Missouri's electric vehicle charging stations even further.

There is also a hope that this charging station effort will even expand into Missouri rural areas.

It's interesting to note that the electric car movement has now expanded to what many think of as muscle cars with the Ford Mustang recently getting an electric version.

Will this push forward the effort to have more electric vehicles on the road compared to those powered by traditional fuel? Only time will tell.

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