When you go adventuring in Missouri, you never know exactly what you might find. That was the case for a Missouri man and his grandson who came upon a Native American artifact sticking right out of the river bank.

This special family bonding moment happened near Maitland, Missouri. The grandfather gave a little backstory about what happened when he and his grandson went out on the river:

My son, grandson and I are river explorers. We hunt for ice age animal fossils and we occasionally find other amazing artifacts. This video captures a moment on June 24 when we are floating down a river in Missouri and my 13 yr old grandson says that he thinks he saw an artifact sticking out of the river bank. I begin to film as we attempt to approach the artifact from downstream and then my grandson reaches up and pulls the artifact out of the river bank. We were amazed to find that it was an ancient Native American axe

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If you're not familiar with that area, Maitland is to the east of the Missouri River just north of St. Joseph.

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View

The Missouri Folklore Society has a website which documents many of the Native American artifacts found around the state. Arrowheads are obviously common while it's not so common to find the full head of an axe. Quite a moment for this grandson and grandfather out for an afternoon on the water.

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