You can't blame a dog for trying. A huge Missouri Great Dane was not taught that she's not supposed to take a bath with her owner.

This happened in Pleasant Hill, Missouri. It's a young Great Dane with the following note from the owner:

I was taking a bath and my 9-month-old Great Dane decided she wanted to join me. She hates baths so this was very strange!

I have a policy for not sharing people's bath videos. I do make exceptions however when dogs are involved.

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The YouTube comments and questions have been...interesting:

A Bennett - "I wonder if Babe ever showed up, to help mom get Cleo, out of the ?"

Jenn Johnson - "OMG so much for relaxing "

Douglas Brown - "really? ewww"

Douglas does not seem to be impressed while everyone else seems to be a fan. Go figure.

This reminds me of a fun conversation at Rover about whether or not it's OK to bathe with your dog. Frankly, I don't want to know how this became a topic. The general consensus was that showering is OK, but sharing bacteria in a bath isn't a great idea. I know this owner didn't plan this, but I would concur.

Chalk this one up to a slow news day in the middle of a Midwestern winter. Sigh.

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