A website has an article titled "17 Things Missouri is Known and Famous For" and so I want to go through the list and see what they got right and what they missed on this list.

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The website that created the list "17 Things Missouri is Known and Famous For" is called nomadsunveiled.com, if you want to see their list and read the breakdown for each item they have on it click here!

There are some things on their list that they got totally right, no questions asked, Missouri is definitely famous for. The items they nailed are BBQ, Lewis & Clark, St. Louis, Kansas City, The Ozarks, Mark Twain, The Gateway Arch, and Anheuser-Busch. Those are all iconically Missouri things that will always pop into my mind when I think of Missouri.

Then they have some things on their list that, I'll be honest, being a Chicago kid and not spending too much of my time thinking about Missouri, I would have never associated with Missouri. Those items are Harry Truman, Iron Curtain Speech, Pony Express, Tornadoes, and Agriculture. Every one of those things is an item I know about but I wouldn't have necessarily thought about Missouri as soon as I heard them.

Finally, there are a couple of items on the list I would have never associated with Missouri before moving to the Illinois/Missouri border. Those items are Branson, Silver Dollar City, Show-Me State, and Toasted Ravioli. Never heard of Branson, Silver Dollar City, and toasted ravioli until I moved to the Tri-States, and I would have never guessed Missouri's motto is the Show Me State.

Here are a couple of things I think that should have made the list, the St. Louis Cardinals, Mizzou, specifically Ribs, and the Mississippi River. Do you think this site got the list right?

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