A Missouri family set up a trail cam to keep track of wildlife traversing their property. Their newest video share looks something along the lines of a Missouri version of "Jungle Book" with raccoons, deer, foxes and possums.

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This trail cam is located in the Mossy Hill Trail part of Missouri. It's a gorgeous part of the state. Here's how the family responded to this new trail cam video footage:

Mossy Hill Trail has turned into a great place for our trail camera ! We finally had some baby critters show up ! Hope we get more different types of baby critters showing up

The good stuff starts about a minute into this video when a family of raccoons shows up.

That's like a greatest hit of Missouri wildlife. Mama and 3 baby raccoons appearing sometimes simultaneously with deer and a fox.

I noticed another one of their trail cam shares that showed a confrontation between mama raccoon and a couple of other adults trying to interfere with her babies.

Never a dull moment on Missouri trail cams. If you don't already, I'd recommend following Missouri Clark Life on YouTube. With their trail cam up and going, I expect they'll be sharing some interesting content as more and more animals pass by their way.

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