Just checkin' in...

Posted by Little Big Town on Monday, August 10, 2015

After more than a month of recovery time off the road, Little Big Town’s Jimi Westbrook broke the silence of his mandatory vocal rest on Monday (Aug. 10) and released a video to update fans. However, his voice sounds ... different.

Westbrook starts the video in a high-pitched falsetto, implying that the surgery caused his voice to shift a few octaves.

“I can talk … it’s kind of different … weird … but maybe I can get used to it,” he says before breaking into his normal speaking voice.

“Actually, just kidding,” he adds with a laugh.

The fact that Westbrook can talk is a great improvement and something he considers a blessing. “Well, except to Karen [Fairchild, wife and LBT bandmate],” he jokes. “All is well."

Fans can breathe a sigh of relief after watching the update, knowing Westbrook is on the mend and LBT will be ready to rock again in no time. The band has been taking time off to allow Westbrook to have the surgery and heal, canceling several shows on their 2015 Pain Killer tour in the month of July. After attempting to fix the issues in the preceding months by simply allowing Westbrook to sing at shows, but remain on vocal rest the rest of the time, the lack of results meant surgery was necessary.

“So when he went in, the doctor said, ‘You’ve got to have surgery, or you’re just not gonna be able to continue at all,’” LBT’s Kimberly Schlapman explained when the news broke.

The band is scheduled to take the stage again Aug. 22 at the Eastbound Hoedown Music Festival in Avondale, Newfoundland, Canada, and fans could not be happier to have them back.