Police in Quincy, Illinois, are looking for help from the public in a bizarre robbery case with the hopes someone will recognize a perpetrator, or at least the costume the perpetrator was sporting in a laundromat robbery that happened yesterday morning.

"In the early morning hours of July 6, an individual dressed in a bunny suit broke into the Winners Wash Laundromat at 2338 Spring," the Quincy Police Department shared on Facebook.

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"Officer Holtman is investigating this burglary and would like your help identifying this furry felon," the page wrote. "If you know the individual in this video please call the Quincy Police Department at 217-228-4470, or Quincy Regional Crimestoppers at 217-228-4474."

The video was shared nearly 24 hours before the time of writing, and so far, the perp has yet to be identified, so the bunny costume seems to be working.

Read more at Quincy Police Department's Facebook page.

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