There is a good reason why medical facilities are held to the highest standards. They are literally the difference between life and death for many. That's why the new ranking of the 10 hospitals in Illinois that are the absolute best is important.

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This is one of the most prestigious internet rankings of them all when it comes to hospitals in America. Newsweek used a treasure trove of data that they say "global market research and consumer data firm Statista" was used to compile this who's who among medical centers in Illinois. While the data was used to rank all 50 states, here are the hospitals they say are the best in the Land of Lincoln.

Here are the Absolute 10 Best Hospitals in Illinois for 2024

Gallery Credit: Google Maps Street View

#1 in Illinois according to Newsweek is Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago with a sky-high rating of 93.94% out of a possible 100. Rush University Medical Center in Chicago was a close second with a rating of 92.79%. That's certainly a higher percentage than I ever saw on my test scores in school. That's for sure (and one of the million reasons why I'm not a real doctor).

Check out the hospital rankings from across the country to see how other states compare to Illinois when it comes to medical care and the professionals who provide it.

10 Missouri Hospitals Named the Absolute Best in the State

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