If you've driven down a Wisconsin highway and noticed some very pretty purple plants along the roadside, there are several possibilities as to what you're seeing. One in particular can be a real problem if a stray cat would happen to get near them though.

It's not uncommon especially during the Spring and summer months to see a variety of purple foliage along the roads of Wisconsin. In the early Spring, you're likely to see Henbit or Purple Deadnettle. Despite the name, Purple Deadnettle isn't toxic for humans or animals and neither is Henbit. There is another plant that is a problem specifically for cats and it's often found near Wisconsin roads.

The villain is Purple Loosestrife.

The Greg app says that cats can have serious health issues if they are somehow exposed to Purple Loosestrife "causing vomiting and lethargy". It advises that if your cat has consumed Purple Loosestrife that you contact a vet and remove it from the premises.

Yes, this is a pretty purple plant and makes roadways in Wisconsin attractive, but Purple Loosestrife is a problematic plant that is considered invasive to the state.

It's easy to mistake which purple plant you're seeing especially when driving down the highway at 70 mph. All might be attractive, but not all are welcome in Wisconsin. It's good to know which is which especially if you care about your cat.

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