It's like watching two worlds collide. A new list of the Illinois places that have the hottest average temperatures also includes an infamous place that has been declared among the most abandoned towns in America, too.

As we cruise through the middle of summer, I decided to ask the huge database at to show me the 20 Illinois places with the hottest average temperatures. #1 also happens to be known for...other things.

  • 1. 57.56°F Cairo, IL
  • 2. 57.54°F Mound City, IL
  • 3. 57.53°F Unity, IL
  • 4. 57.52°F Mounds, IL
  • 5. 57.51°F Villa Ridge, IL
  • 6. 57.49°F Olmsted, IL
  • 7. 57.44°F Brookport, IL
  • 8. 57.43°F Pulaski, IL
  • 9. 57.43°F Metropolis, IL
  • 10. 57.36°F Miller City, IL
  • 11. 57.32°F Karnak, IL
  • 12. 57.32°F Grand Chain, IL
  • 13. 57.32°F New Grand Chain, IL
  • 14. 57.23°F Tamms, IL
  • 15. 57.23°F Olive Branch, IL
  • 16. 57.18°F Ullin, IL
  • 17. 57.18°F Perks, IL
  • 18. 57.02°F Belknap, IL
  • 19. 57.02°F Thebes, IL
  • 20. 57.00°F Dongola, IL

You might remember that little ole Cairo, Illinois that used to be a rather big place when industry thrived there is also more commonly known now as "most abandoned" in Illinois. Yes, the phrase "ghost town" is often associated with Cairo, too.

It really shouldn't that much of a surprise that Cairo would have the highest average temperature in Illinois considering it's at the southern tip of Illinois. Geographically speaking, it makes perfect sense. My guess is that if you asked someone currently living in Cairo, they'd much prefer to be called the hottest Illinois place and not a "ghost town" although it's truly both in some places.

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