Well, my Christmas present just came early.

Only I would find a way to write about Christmas in May. If you don't know I am an obsessive fan of Hallmark Christmas Movies. I think I've watched at least 100 movies so you can say I am a fan. Well, just announced from the Hallmark Channel, that they're having an Immersive Christmas Experience in Kansas City, Missouri at the Hallmark Headquarters.

Hallmark Channel
Hallmark Channel

The event will take place from November 29th through December 23rd and fans will be able to meet one of the 37 Hallmark movie stars slated to make an appearance. Fans of the Christmas franchise will get ticketed photo ops with the stars, a look at behind-the-scenes of how movies are made, breakfast with Santa (of course), and so much more.

There will also be a chance to do some ice skating, and try the venue's food and drinks, and, you can't have a Hallmark event without lighting up a Christmas tree. Tickets go on sale Thursday, May 16th. You can visit the Crown Center all year long for free and see the history of Hallmark.

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I can not tell you how excited I am to have a chance to meet some of the actors in the movies I watched. And I know you're probably rolling your eyes at me, but I LOVE Christmas and the Hallmark Channel is a big part of that so sign me up for everything VIP.

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