It is believed that animals can sense danger before humans. This tale attests to that fact. It's a video that shows a mother and child walking their dog, when the dog suddenly stops and won't go any further.

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I just came across this video on TikTok. It appears to have originated sometime last summer, but the exact location is unknown. Watch what happens when the dog stops in his tracks and stares at the opening in the woods ahead of them.

Can animals really sense danger?

The website Icarus believes they can prove that dogs especially have an early warning system. Icarus stands for "International Cooperation for Animal Research Using Space". Their study says "there are many reports and stories of animals predicting disasters: restless birds before a volcanic eruption; snakes that awaken from hibernation prior to an earthquake".

Is it possible that the dog in this strange video knew something was hiding in the trees waiting to harm the family? The mother seems to believe as do many others. Sometimes, you just need to trust the senses of animals. What's hiding in the trees just might be something you don't want to face.

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