No matter what your viewpoint is on UFO's, you'll almost have to admit that this Missouri unidentified object report is strange as its movement made a light that looked like a hawk in the night sky.

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I confess that I tend to automatically be suspicious when I see UFO reports. That means if reality were The X-Files, I would be Scully. (sorry for that visual) The UFO report in question here happened near Fulton, Missouri near the end of summer. The National UFO Reporting Center shared their eyewitness testimony which I'll share in its entirety here:

Over 30 minutes multiple ufo’s flying in multiple directions and turning in different directions

There were as many as 4 in the sky at once. They kept appearing. Some brighter than others, some faster some slower. They would not fly in a straight line. After seeing the second one there was a flash on fight (almost like one exploded, in the shape of a rocket engine) lit my entire house and yard up. After that, ufo’s kept appearing.

Check out the official report which includes a picture of what they witnessed. The object seriously created what looks like a hawk in lights. I can't share it here as it's their photo, but it's the reason I felt this was worth sharing.

There is nothing conventional other than a helicopter that moves like the lights that person saw. I don't know what it is and I'm not saying it's E.T., but it's worth exploring further.

Whenever I see something that is genuinely strange, I have to wonder not only what it is, but what are its intentions. Experts have reason to believe that actual UFO's may indeed have evil on their mind. And that evil may have just reared its head over Fulton, Missouri.

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