There's no question that there are some strange things that lie beneath Springfield, Missouri. But, did you know there are stories that infer there might be vampire tunnels under the city? Oh, and it's backed up by some real history, too.

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I have heard rumors of secret underground tunnels under many parts of Missouri which led me to my own research. I found an interesting story from nearly a decade ago on Ozarks Underground about "Vampires in Springfield". The person who posted there shared proof about what is referred to as the Jordan Creek Tunnels.


Religion News documented the story of 15-year-old girl LaCallia Wiggins who claims she was lured into the underground tunnels in Springfield, Missouri to meet vampires. Eventually, she went missing and the story says the Springfield police confirmed a missing persons report was filed. Fortunately, LaCallia was found safe, but told a terrifying story about a real vampire culture that existed in the tunnels under Springfield. The article quoted her saying this:

“They have an entire ceremony,” LaCallia said. “You have to drink the blood of a vampire and they have to drink your blood.”

She said they called their meeting place "Hell's Church". 

LaCallia's story is not unique for Springfield. There's a book that refers to a murder of the Feeney family in what was referred to as "a vampire game".

Underground Ozarks has numerous stories and comments about what happens in the Jordan Creek Tunnels in Springfield, Missouri. Be warned that those that go there may be after your blood. Really.

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