The fact that I rarely eat cantaloupe anymore has finally paid off. There's a bulletin just issued by the government alerting the public to an urgent recall of what is normally a very healthy food to eat due to salmonella contamination.

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The FDA just released this alert about cantaloupe sold by Eagle Produce in Missouri. They say it involves "6,456 cases of whole cantaloupe with the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella following a test conducted on cantaloupe in a distribution center by the FDA".

Here's the label to look for if you have cantaloupe in your home.

The good news is the fact that as of this writing, no illnesses have been reported in connection with this contaminated cantaloupe. That's good news because salmonella can be bad news for a large part of the public. As the Mayo Clinic mentions, many healthy people can have the bacteria and not even have symptoms. But, in those who have weakened immune systems including the young and elderly, the diarrhea that is a part of the illness can cause extreme dehydration and it can be life-threatening if it spreads beyond the intestines.

The bulletin shows that this cantaloupe may have been sold in Illinois, too.

If you find you have some of this potentially contaminated cantaloupe, you can check out the Food and Drug Administration's alert for more details on what recourses you have.

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