When her mom suddenly went into an intense labor, a 10-year-old Missouri girl called 911. While she waited for paramedics to arrive, she miraculously successfully helped deliver her mother's baby. The other unique twist? Her name is Miracle.

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NBC News just shared the inspiring story of Miracle Moore from St. Louis. Her quick thinking and ability to follow directions from a 911 operator is credited for saving her mother and new baby sister.

Her mother's due date was still 3 weeks away and the sudden labor was unexpected. Thankfully, Miracle Moore lived up to her name.

It was appropriate that St. Louis County officials awarded Miracle with awards and notoriety for being so calm under pressure. Scott Stranghoener was the county 911 operator who walked Miracle through the steps of how to make sure her mom and baby sister were safe and healthy. He said "she followed all my instructions to a T".

With Miracle's mom in no condition to pick up the baby after she was born, paramedics arrived and found the baby in Miracle's arms. She had the baby in a blanket and was comforting her.

If this young Missouri girl is any indication, the new generation is gonna do just fine. She is truly a hero and deserves the accolades she's receiving for maybe being the best big sister (and daughter) ever.

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