I see things and sometimes I wonder about those things. This is a great example. I drive through northeast Missouri every single day and I wondered why so many fields are suddenly purple? I thought it was lavender, but I was very wrong.

Have you see fields like this? If you've driven anywhere in Missouri this time of year you almost certainly have.


I have learned thanks to an interesting article on Farm Progress is the fields are covered in henbit and purple deadnettle. I realize that I'm not an expert in plants, but even someone like me recognizes they're "pretty". Michigan State University says that isn't really the right way to refer to them as both are considered weeds.

It appears that these gnarly but pretty weeds are part of the mint family although I wouldn't recommend crushing the leaves into gum. There is some good news on the purple weed front as Michigan State University says that henbit and purple deadnettle in Missouri is good food for "pollinators" meaning bees and other vital creatures.

So when does lavender bloom in Missouri if these weeds aren't that? Gardenia says that lavender is a summer blooming plant in Missouri and we're not quite there yet.

When you're driving in Missouri adoring the fields of purple, know that you're really seeing imposters - sort of. Both henbit and purple deadnettle have purposes, but it's for bees and not you. They do make the fields mighty pretty for awhile though.

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