As of this moment, a UFO invasion is just a hypothetical scenario unless something has happened that I'm not aware of. That's why I'd love to know how science has determined that both Missouri and Illinois are among the states most likely to survive an attack from E.T.

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I've seen this new ranking being passed around and every single article I've seen points to a website called NJCasino. For the life of me, I can't find a direct link to their article, but I did see it shared by the New York Post with the same data. It appears to crunch a number of factors into how a state would fare if "aliens" decided we needed to be goners.

You'll notice both Missouri and Illinois in the top 10 for states most likely to survive.


According to the graphic, here's the breakdown of the methodology into why we'll live to see tomorrow if E.T. gets a bad attitude. They factor in number of UFO sightings per capita, number of caves (we win that one for sure), forests, bodies of water (someone saw the "Signs" movie), military force (hello Fort Leonard Wood), law enforcement, scientists, engineers, healthcare and food and beverage companies (Hi, Pepsi). Now I understand why Missouri and Illinois rank so high. We excel in almost all of those anti-E.T. departments.

If you'd like to see how the other parts of America fared, check out the NY Post article as it's way easier to find than the original.

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