Neo is on his way to the Show Me State. If you already know that means Keanu Reeves is coming to Missouri, then you'll want to be prepared to see him in August because he really is coming with some friends.

Keanu Reeves is really something of a renaissance man. Yes, he's the movie star known for The Matrix movies along with Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, etc.

Warner Bros. Pictures via YouTube
Warner Bros. Pictures via YouTube

But, Keanu Reeves is also a very accomplished musician and it's that part of his life that will lead him to Missouri this August according to Yahoo News. His band Dogstar will perform in Columbia and also Kansas City, Missouri.

The bad news is the August 24, 2024 show in Columbia, Missouri is sold out. The good news is that Keanu's appearance in Kansas City on August 28, 2024 still has some tickets available as of this writing.

Will it be the red pill or the blue pill or am I taking these Matrix references too far? It's probably that last one, but it's not every day in Missouri when you can see a movie star the caliber of Keanu Reeves. These two appearances in Missouri in August are the only ones I know about as of now. The force is strong with this one. Oh, wait. He has never been in Star Wars - yet.

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