We found it. The most expensive restaurant in Missouri and you're gonna want to bring that credit card with you.

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From an $80 steak (without sides) and a $198 seafood tower Pierpont's in Kansas City was just named the most expensive restaurant in Missouri according to LoveFood. Listen, I enjoy once in a while going all out on a fancy dinner, but $198 for a seafood tower? That's like a concert ticket, a one-night hotel room, and a week's work of groceries. Seems a bit steep for me, but I guess if you have the money it wouldn't be that bad.

Located inside Union Station the restaurant has steaks, chicken plates, and of course that famous seafood tower. When I looked on Yelp, the restaurant got rave reviews from all of its customers.

Pierpont's has a massive bar where a ladder is needed to get bottles down, a menu that offers so much, and prices that not everyone can afford. They do have a children's menu so there is something for everyone at this restaurant. Not sure a $198 will be on the menu for me, but when in Rome...or Kansas City.

LoveFood goes on to say,

This elegant restaurant, inside Kansas City’s Union Station, dishes up small plates, seafood dishes, and prime cuts of meat such as the co-called Kansas City Strip, a bone-in rib-eye steak priced at $80. It’s the priciest main dish at Pierpont’s, although steeper still are the seafood towers, costing up to $198 – generous enough to share between at least two.

Looks like I have a new restaurant to try the next time I am in KC.

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