You better start saving if you want to attend this Missouri University.

Since 1853 Washington University has been educating thousands of students, but now has a new title to add to its long history. Most expensive college in the Show-Me State. According to Go Banking Rates, Washington University, on average, costs $83,760 per year.

For tuition and fees that break down to $62,982 and to stay on campus, room and board cost $20,778. MIND BLOWN. I am encouraging my girls to pursue higher education when they are done with high school, but we may have to consider colleges and universities that we can afford.

Not the best news for students either starting college in the fall or looking to go to college next fall. The good news, there are thousands of affordable universities to attend to get a quality education, in my opinion, there is no need to spend $335,000 for an education. That's unless you are going into the medical field or becoming a lawyer, then maybe you will be spending that.

Washington University I am sure is an amazing place. It certainly is a beautiful campus, and if you're lucky enough to be able to attend a university like Washington take advantage of everything the school offers.

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