You know you use hashtags all the time. For me, not so much. However, if you are a social media user that uses hashtags then you might have been to one of the two most hashtagged locations in the nation.

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Florida Pan Handle stuck to looking at major attractions in major cities in the USA trying to figure out when in each state was the most hashtagged location. People love their hashtags, according to their data over 34 million hashtags created the most phot-worthy locations.

What is the Most Hashtagged Location in Missouri?

To no surprise to me, for Missouri, it's the Gateway Arch. With over 170,000 hashtagged photos on social media, the Arch is a popular location for visitors and locals to take photos of.

What is the Most Hashtagged Location in Illinois?

Well, if you said "Cloud Gate" you're right. Again, not surprised. Otherwise, known as The Bean, Cloud Gate gets over 350,000 hashtags a year. To be honest I would have thought for it to be higher. Every time I visit Chicago there are hundreds of people taking photos of themselves on the bean, next to the bean, behind, the bean. You name it.

What's the Most Popular Hashtagged Location in the Nation?

Just think about it real hard. I'll give you a hint... It's the most magical place on Earth. Yup, DisneyWorld.

Walt Disney World reigns at 10,150,394 hashtags (#waltdisneyworld) and continuously grows by the thousands each

Disney World is followed by Venice Beach, California (over 4m posts), Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (over 2m posts), and Zion National Park, Utah (over 1.4m posts).

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