If you've ever fallen in love with a country star and his or her music, it could be because they were born the same year as you.

As fans, we naturally gravitate to the songs and storytellers that tell our story. For example, Luke Combs is pushing all the right buttons in 2024 for anyone who is new to fatherhood. The hard-partying college crowd might not relate — they're too young.

Taste of Country researched 85 years of country music to pick the top two to five country stars born every year. The youngest turns 18 years old this year, while the oldest turned 85 in January 2024.

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Obviously, there are a lot of late artists mentioned on this list. Did anyone else realize that if Keith Whitley had lived, he'd be 70 in 2025?

Certain years stand out. For example, we count four stars with Hall of Fame credentials born in 1946. In 1967, three of the biggest contemporary stars were born, including two who'd later marry each other.

Scroll down to find your birth year and maybe a few others. This list is a bit spotty at the top. That's because artists tend to not notch a hit until they're past 20 or 25 years old. Of course, if we come upon a star born in 2005, 2004 or 2001 we'll add him, her or them.

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Country Stars Born the Same Year As You

Have you ever fallen in love with a certain country star's point of view? It could be because he or she was born the same year you were.

Here are more than 60 country stars for fans age 18 to 85.

Gallery Credit: Billy Dukes