Willie Nelson is king when it comes to country music commercials during the Super Bowl, but there is a queen!

This list of 11 good, bad and cringeworthy television commercials includes several that played during the Super Bowl and a number of others that should have.

Faith Hill's commercial for Teleflora is the one of the most recent memorable country music Super Bowl commercials, although a few songs have been part of the football game recently, as well. She's the straight-man to a music producer who's trying to send his girlfriend a note on Valentine's Day and it goes all wrong (or right?).

Nelson has starred in at least two tax-related commercials, both playing off his IRS problems of the late '80s. Find commercials from Carrie Underwood, Darius Rucker, Reba McEntire (one perhaps cheesier than her KFC ad) and Blake Shelton. Shelton's spot for Gildan underwear is actually hilarious. That old lady's quip is a knee-slapper!

Of course, the Super Bowl is happening on Sunday, Feb. 11, so more great commercials may roll and be added to this list of awkward commercials in time. We skipped a few that were just so-so to focus on the ones that truly charmed us, for better or worse.

Scotty McCreery's sponsorship was truly for the better.

"This holds tea," he says. Man, it gets us every time!

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