We know that you can eat and drive in Illinois, but what about driving without wearing shoes?

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Whether it's just to drive down the street to take the kids to the bus stop, or pick them up from school, sometimes trying to find shoes when leaving the house in a hurry takes a bit too much time. So, you may walk out to the car without shoes or flip-flops on and drive barefoot, but is it illegal in Illinois?

Well, according to toyotaarlington.com, you are good at driving barefoot. There is no driving law saying that it's illegal to drive without shoes. I always thought that you HAD to have shoes, or maybe that was just my parent telling me lies to get the info in my head. Even though it is legal, you will want to take some safety precautions, cause if you get into an accident you could be cited.

It is not illegal to drive barefoot in Illinois. Though if you are driving barefoot and are involved in an accident the officer can cite you for failure to exercise due care. As a general rule just be safe while driving and if you choose to drive barefoot be cautious.

It might be a good idea (if you're constantly late like I am) to have an extra pair of shoes or slip-on shoes that you can easily put on in the car. I've driven without shoes a few times and it just feels weird. Also, being short it's hard to drive without not having the heal of a show to help with the pedal.

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