This is what I was afraid of, businesses not reopening due to being closed for weeks. Looks like Gordmans in Hannibal is closing.

There is no official statement from Gordmans, but a picture taken by someone in Hannibal shows the store with store closing signs in the window. I really hope this is not true, I LOVE Gordmans and everything they sale. 

Brent Greenup‎
Brent Greenup‎

Back in March, it was announced that 200 Gordman stores would be closing, but no closing location list was ever released. It also may have to do with the owner of Gordmans filed for bankruptcy just this week.

“This is a very difficult announcement and it was a decision that we reached only after exhausting every possible alternative,” Michael Glazer, the company’s president and chief executive, said in a statement.

The Hannibal store which opened June 27 of 2019, has been closed for weeks due to the stay-at-home-order in Missouri. However, the store plans to reopen May 15. We will keep you updated on any information that we receive.

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