Goodbye dinosaurs, Illinois will be the first state in the Midwest to follow California's lead on saying goodbye to fossil fuels, and it will happen sooner than you may think.

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The idea of completely saying goodbye to fossil fuels like coal, crude oil, and natural gas sounds like something that won't happen in our lifetimes, or if it does it will happen in a state like California wayyyy before it ever happens in the Midwest, but it's happening and quicker then you may think.

according to an article on with the passage of the new Climate and Equitable jobs act in Illinois earlier this month, Illinois will officially say goodbye to fossil fuels by 2045. By that year the state of Illinois will aim to be using 100% renewable energy, which is in following with similar plans that states like California and Oregon have already passed. In the article they say...

"One of the reasons that Illinois can afford to be so much more aggressive [than their Midwest neighbors] is that it has the largest nuclear energy fleet in the nation, so it can stop burning coal and natural gas for power even if renewables aren’t ready to meet 100 percent of demand."

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It is crazy for me to fathom that in 15 years from now Illinois will be a state that is using 100% renewable energy, it doesn't seem like that is physically possible. BUT then I think about how different the state and the world was for that matter, 15 years ago in 2006 and maybe it is possible? Illinois does have the advantage of Nuclear energy, but I would imagine for this plan to actually work, the state of Illinois will have to make huge moves on solar and wind energy over the next 15 years, needless to say, if you think there are too many of those "wind farms" now just wait...

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