According to Bloomberg, Illinois and Iowa are both among the top 10 most drunk states in America.

The rankings, based on a percentage of people who have binge drank in the last month, puts Iowa at #7 most drunk, and Illinois as the 10th drunkest state. Missouri ranks #23.

25.84% of Iowans admit to binge drinking in the last 30 days, compared to 24.91% of Illinoisans. Missouri's binge drinkers come in at 22.83%.

The drunkest state in America is in fact, not a state. The District of Columbia has a whopping 30.10% of citizens who admit to binge drinking. Considering that congress is in town, that's probably not a big surprise.

The top 10 drunkest states are:

  • 1. District of Columbia
  • 2. North Dakota
  • 3. Rhode Island
  • 4. South Dakota
  • 5. Wisconsin
  • 6. Minnesota
  • 7. Iowa
  • 8. Massachusetts
  • 9. Louisiana
  • 10. Illinois

Apparently folks in the Dakota's really like to get their drink on. The most sober state? Utah. Only 15.65% of residents there claim to binge drink.