If you heard a loud boom over your part of Illinois today, I know what caused it. It was the result of a US Navy Blue Angel.

I saw this mention of a huge explosion/boom in the Taylorville area earlier today on Reddit, Twitter, etc. On one of the sub-Reddit pages near Springfield, one very alert person noticed that the boom coincided with the flight path of a very famous fighter jet...one of the US Navy's Blue Angels.

If you missed the boom, it was captured by a doorbell cam.

If you check the Flight Aware path of this Blue Angel, you'll see it went over Pittsfield and our part of west-central Illinois, too.

Infographic, Flight Aware.com
Infographic, Flight Aware.com

My wife mentioned hearing a plane ascending right before the boom was being reported. Can you say "supersonic"?

Along with the US Air Force Thunderbirds, there are few flight teams in the world more famous than the US Navy elite Blue Angels. This means we had a brush with greatness of the aircraft kind today. Winning.

It's worth noting that all the reports aren't agreeing. The Associated Press is saying it was a F15 Strike Eagle while the Blue Angels fly F/A 18 Super Hornets. We'll stand by the plane flight ID matching a Blue Angel until we know otherwise.

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