Summer is a time for travel for many of us, and WalletHub has compiled rankings of where each state stands as best or worst states for travel, including Illinois, Missouri and Iowa.

The site based its rankings on three major categories:

  • Driving and lodging costs
  • Road conditions and safety
  • Fun and scenic attractions

The Tri-States came out as pretty middle of the road in the overall rankings, with Missouri ranking highest overall between the three states. Missouri came in 14th out of the 50 states, certainly a respectable place on the list. The Show-Me State raked 10th in driving and lodging costs, only 39th in road conditions and safety, and a respectable 16th in fun and scenic attractions. It's easy to surmise that the Ozarks, as well as the many things to do in both Kansas City and St. Louis boost the states standing in that regard. Towns like Hannibal, with it's rich history as the home of Mark Twain and reputation as "America's home town" help Missouri's cause, as well.

Illinois' over all ranking on the list fell smack dab in the middle, at 25th. While the "Land of Lincoln" scored fairly high in road conditions and safety, 17th, the state got 25th place for driving and lodging costs, and only 33rd fun a scenic attractions. Apparently the many things to do in Chicago don't outweigh the vast farmland in the rest of the state as far as travelers are concerned.

Finally, Iowa ranks 32nd overall according to WalletHub. The states highest individual ranking is 18th for road conditions and safety, but only 33rd in the driving and lodging costs category, and 35th for fun and scenic attractions.

You can see the entire list, as well as the methodology used and get experts input online.