Lately, I've been going through my kiddos' old toys and clothes in hopes of selling them and I found that Facebook is really the only way to go nowadays, especially if you don't want to mess with yards sales.

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That got me thinking about the Facebook pages and groups that anyone who calls themselves a Quincyan or Hannibalian should be following. There are several great area Facebook pages to sell or buy anything from clothes, furniture, DVDs, heck even cars and houses. There are also some interesting groups to keep up on the latest in Quincy or Hannibal. And of course, if you're not following my all time favorite, WCIL Radio Scanner, you're missing out. Here is what I think are the best Facebook groups and pages in the area.

Here are some great swap shop sits good for selling items (and much easier then a garage sale).

Need something to do? Make sure you're a part of these groups highlighting events and things to do in the Tri-States:

If you have lost a pet or found an animal wandering the streets these, these groups can help area animals get reunited with their rightful owners:

Finally, you may want to follow these pages to see how to stay safe and see what's going on in your community:

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