A new piece of data has come out, and I believe that data gives us a real clue as to which sports fanbase is the most annoying in the Land of Lincoln.

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Illinois is a state with a tone of professional sports teams, in Chicago you have the Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks, Cubs, White Sox, and the Sky, plus due to the proximity of Wisconsin, you get plenty of Packers fans, and don't forget about all of those St. Louis Cardinals fans that dominate southern Illinois. We have all argued for years about which fanbase is the most annoying, well I think this new data finally proves once and for all which fanbase is the worst.

According to an article from kwqc.com Chicago White Sox fans buy more personalized team license plates than any other fanbase in Illinois. There have been over 21,000 Chicago White Sox plates sold in Illinois, with the Blackhawks coming in second place with over 19,000, followed by the Cubs at almost 14,000, and the Bears at over 8,000. To see the list for yourself just check out the article by clicking here! 

I gotta admit that I think the sports license plates are lame, I am a die-hard Bears fan but I would never spend extra money on something like that, does this simple statistic make White Sox fans the most annoying? Maybe, maybe not... But I will say that I didn't know the money raised from these specialty plates went to help public schools, that actually is pretty cool to learn. So if it's going to help raise money for schools, go ahead White Soxs fans keep being annoying with your silly license plates!

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