The Seven Gates to Hell are just some of the haunted, and terrifying bridges that make up a list of the Most Haunted Bridges in the Land of Lincoln.

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As Fall officially begins next week, we are all excited about getting to do the classic fall activities like pumpkin patches, corn mazes, and maybe this year explore a haunted bridge? Well a website has ranked the top 10 most haunted bridges in Illinois and a couple of them sound absolutely horrifying.

The website is called and if you want to see the whole list of the ten most haunted bridges in Illinois click here! There are two bridges I want to focus on from the list the first one is called "Seven Gates to Hell" and it is located in Collinsville, IL which is located just east of St. Louis, and it is actually 7 different decommissioned railroad bridges. On the site they say...

"The legend is that if someone were to drive through all seven bridges and enter the last one exactly at midnight, he or she would be transported to Hell."

Ya no thank you.... I don't believe in spirits and being transported anywhere BUT I also am smart enough to not push my luck by trying that!

The other bridge that I want to focus on is the one that is called "Old Train Bridge" and the reason I want to focus on this one is because it is located in Schuyler County, IL which is only an hour away from here in Quincy! Now this bridge is one I would actually go seek out because it has nothing to do with being transported to hell, on the website they say this about the Old Train Bridge...

"This isolated wooden bridge over the railroad tracks in rural Schuyler County is rumored to be the home of a phantom train. Locals claim that if you stand on the bridge at night, the bridge will begin to shake and you will hear a train whistle, but no train will ever arrive."

To see the full list of bridges for yourself click here!

So who wants to go on a creepy bridge search in Schuyler County with me?

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