It's Valentine's week with Valentine's Day being this Sunday. It is usually a wonderful day for most people at least until the dreaded Valentine's Day "Scoreboard" comes out.  "Scoreboard" you ask?  Yes, the dreaded scoreboard.

This message is really for the men out there. You see you have purchased the flowers, the jewelry box you bought will soon be opened and the purchased chocolates will be ready to be consumed. So what's wrong with that?  Well guys, actually nothing until the comparisons start.

You see most working women will go back to work Monday morning and discuss with their co-workers what they got for Valentine's Day from their sweetie. They will tell their story and then listen to all the other stories to see just who was the real "office winner".

Some got their gifts at the office and others had them waiting for them when they got home. In any case, all the stories will lead each of them to thinking just who was the ultimate Valentine's Day recipient for this year.

Most will probably be very happy with what they got, but human nature can take over when it gets competitive. It's the competition that can get you into trouble. With that in mind, Dr. Dorsey suggests to you men reading this that you refrain from asking your sweetie "What did the other girls in the office get for Valentine's Day?" Just don't go there!

Either your sweetie is the office winner for your efforts or you are in "The Dog House." Let the sleeping dog lie. Don't ask the question!

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