George Strait embraces aging during his new single “Cold Beer Conversation.” The title track from his 2015 album finds the singer sharing a table, a bottle of beer and a few laughs with a good friend.

It’s unique in that it’s aimed at middled-aged and older men, a group very, very few stars recognize. Fans find Strait talking to a buddy, reflecting on life, family and fond memories.

“Man don’t you miss / Those Friday night lights / Wouldn’t you like to bust through that paper one more time / Brother my folks are getting up there in years / Mama still thinks the devil’s still here,” he sings during the song’s second verse. “Now tell me buddy don’t you ever wish / We could work a little less / Catch a few more fish / Yeah maybe one day, when we both strike it rich.”

Sonically, "Cold Beer Conversation" shuffles along at a very Strait-ian pace. It’s instantly familiar — that slow-to-mid-tempo groove he’s lived in for decades is the backbone of this new post-retirement single.

“Cold beer conversation / Just a couple of boys / A little time well wasted / Tryin’ to figure out life / Tryin’ to figure out girls / Tryin’ to find our places in this crazy ol’ world,” Strait sings in the song’s chorus. “A little truth / A little frustration / Cold beer conversation,” Strait sings at the chorus.

So many of Strait’s most recent releases could be found on albums from the ‘80s, ‘90s or ’00s, and “Cold Beer Conversation” is no different. It’s smooth and timeless, but subtly different from all that have come before it.

Why Fans Will Love It: "Cold Beer Conversation" is a smooth discussion between two old friends that at once sounds familiar and unique.

Key Lyrics: “A little truth / A little frustration / Cold beer conversation.” 

Did You Know?:  Al Anderson, Ben Hayslip and Jimmy Yeary wrote "Cold Beer Conversation." The album also features songs from Jamey Johnson, Brandy Clark and Bill Anderson.

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