A determined Garth Brooks fan caught the singer's attention long enough to share a photo, three Special Olympics medals and plenty of emotions with the singer. Video shows that Brooks fights back tears as he receives Nathan Putman's gift, and then he does something unexpected.

The incident took place Friday night (Jan. 9) during the first of Brooks' hometown shows in Tulsa, Okla. Putman and Brooks have crossed paths before. According to the Tulsa World they met in 2007 when Putman was competing in the Special Olympics in Stillwater, Okla. Brooks was volunteering.

Twice the 38-year-old tried to get Brooks' attention on Friday, only to be ushered back to his seat by security. The clip above shows his third attempt, when the singer notices Putman while singing 'That Summer.' He recognizes the setting of the photo (and given his gift for remembering faces, likely the man handing it to him) and tears up when Putman gives it to him. Putman then asks security to hand Brooks three Special Olympics medals he won earlier this month.

After putting them around his neck, Brooks returns the favor and asks security to give Putman his guitar. Tulsa World shares more details about Putman and how he got to the stage. Special moments like this are becoming a regular occurrence at Brooks' shows. In November, a video featuring Brooks and cancer patient Teresa Shaw went viral.

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