Garth Brooks says he knew when he booked them that there was a slim chance he’d have to cancel his shows in Tampa, Fla., but it would take a perfect storm to make it happen. The storm rolled in. The singer told a local radio station that these were the first U.S. shows he’s ever had to cancel and explained why they couldn’t just move.

The reason for the cancelation is the Tampa Bay Lightning’s trip to the NHL Stanley Cup Finals. They’re set to host Game 2 this Saturday night (June 6), right in the middle of Brooks’ planned run at Amalie Arena. For logistical reasons, Brooks chose to cancel all of his planned Tampa dates. It’s similar to his strategy in canceling the shows in Ireland last July — those were the only other shows he’s canceled in his career.

“I’ve heard the term ‘perfect storm’ before,” Brooks tells WQYK’s Dave and Veronica, “but this one, just every second had to fall the way it did.” He's referring to the Lightning getting this far in the playoffs ... and then the scheduling falling into place.

During his conversation the country singer attempted to deflect some of the blame from the venue, as well as himself, by saying simply moving the show to the city’s football stadium wasn’t a realistic possibility. “The people that know the business know you can’t just take up and go to different places and stuff,” Brooks shares.

No rescheduled dates have been announced, and the Country Hall of Famer didn’t assure the deejays that it would for sure happen. Venues often book three years in advance, and Brooks himself has shows booked through November 2017.

“I’d love to sit here and be able to tell you a date right now. I can’t,” Brooks continues. “I’m just calling to tell you how much I love you guys and I’m so sorry this happened and how happy I am for Tampa that you’re in the quest for Lord Stanley’s Cup.”

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