I'm gonna have to be very careful what I write here, but Iowa has just been ranked as one of the most ridiculed states in America and I have to admit it made me laugh a little. OK, so it made me laugh a lot.

I need to point out that this isn't my ranking. Blame YouTube guy Nick Johnson if you're offended. He just listed the top 10 most ridiculed states in America and it's more or less based on (somewhat) unfair stereotypes. Let's allow Nick to speak for himself.

Full disclosure: my wife's family is almost entirely based in Iowa. They are very sweet people with a few exceptions. I'm just kidding. There are lots of exceptions. I'm kidding again. They truly are great people and I could say that for almost all of the Iowans I've known over the years.

I must confess that before I met my beautiful, smart and charming wife my impression of Iowans was not the best. Growing up in Missouri, we thought Iowa stood for "Idiots Out Wandering Around". That's cruel and not accurate. Sometimes they stay home, too. Kidding again. It's really not accurate.

The farm stereotypes to me are really compliments. My mom and dad's family both worked farms as my parents grew up and there's no more honorable occupation in my not-so-humble opinion.

Most of my Iowa friends are real good at laughing at themselves and will likely think this is funny (with a couple exceptions...see paragraph #3).

Nick is one of my favorite guys on the internet. Be sure to check out his full video and subscribe to him on YouTube if you enjoy laughing every now and then.

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