How do you monitor the alarm system?
- We monitor your alarm system through a cellular connection and/or an internet connection with a Wi-Fi chip which we provide.
Do you monitor more than just doors and windows?
- Yes! We monitor your connected smoke, carbon monoxide and water flow detectors as well.
What does your monthly cost include?
- For $39.99 a month you can choose one form of monitoring (Cellular or Wi-Fi) and access the Total Connect 2.0 mobile app that allows you to arm and disarm your system, view live video and control your automated home from any computer or mobile device.
How much does the system cost?
- Our standard alarm system, which includes the Honeywell L5210 panel, 3 wireless door/window sensors and 1 motion detector, is only $199 with FREE standard installation. Our systems are fully customizable and upgradeable to suit any need - with no additional monthly fees.
Does it cost to receive a consultation?
- Your in home consultation is absolutely free!