It was built nearly 100 years ago and remained active until it was destroyed by a flood. An explorer shared video of what's left of the prison in Jefferson City and the answer is "not much".

Tom V has a YouTube channel known for abandoned places and the former prison in Jefferson City fits right in. Here's what he shared about what he learned about this state facility:

Built in 1926 near Jefferson City, Missouri.
This Prison was actually a prison for men originally.
However in 1975 it became a coed prison through 1990.
It was then in 1990 it housed only women prisoners. So for the last three years it was solely a women's prison.
Due to the flood of 1993 the building suffered severe damage and closed down and has been abandoned since.

One thing that caught my eye is some of the kindest graffiti I've ever seen in a former prison.

Tom V via YouTube
Tom V via YouTube

Many of the cell doors remain of what used to be the prison. The Missouri River flood waters from 1993 didn't do those walls any favors.

Tom V via YouTube
Tom V via YouTube

Atlas Obscura shares more details about this prison that was decommissioned in 2004. According to them, the facility is sometimes used as a training area now for the Missouri Highway Patrol. I'd have to wonder how recent that was as it's hard to imagine much happening inside a building with that much decay. They warn that tear gas was used in much of the training which is good to know if you start feeling funny if you're ever crazy enough to venture inside.

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It's yet another building from another era that now sits in a very creepy abandoned state.

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