If you're a dog lover you're going to love this house in Missouri.

Not only do you get over 8,800 square feet of house, four-bedrooms and four-bathrooms, it has some other features too like a full-size guest house (which is larger than my home), a fully-loaded movies theatre and game room, and a lakeview for days. You're probably thinking, ok what about the dog part. Well, this house, which is located in Wentzville Missouri just outside of St. Louis, also has a custom octagonal kennel for dogs. Yup, a full-blown dog kennel to make it easier for you to have a Dalmatian plantation (or something like that).

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Yup, a doggie kennel/hotel which you can use to have all your pets in or run a business. How cool is that, and from the look of the kennel it’s really spacious too.  If a kennel is not your thing but you really like the house, it's suggested in the description part about the house that you could convert the kennel into some sort of clubhouse. Either way, it's an amazing house to purchase and will only cost you $11,250,000, we all have that sitting around, right?

Something else that this house has going for it, it's also the most expensive house on the market in Missouri right now. So, you could start a dog business and use the income to pay for the mortgage, or at least some of it anyway. Take a sneak peek inside the most expensive house in Missouri. 

Missouri Home Has Unique Dog Feature

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