has unveiled what they believe to be the top 11 places in Illinois to get fresh apple cider (and they've included a local favorite).

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According to their listing, Edgewood Orchards just cracks the list, coming in at number 11. While I admittedly have not been to the other places on the list, I do find it hard to believe that there are ten places better in the state.

The number one stop, according to is out in Sullivan, Illinois, which is about two and a half hours east on 72 if you're interested. The closest to our region (apart from Edgewood) is Camp's Orchard in Roseville, Illinois which is roughly an hour and a half north.

Edgewood Orchard is famous for their apple cider (and slushies) among other seasonal goodies. We headed out there this past weekend for some honeycrisp apples (which, by the way are SUPER DELICIOUS this year). Even my kiddos love them!

Fresh apple cider will be available October 10th! They have sold out of cider frozen from last season. So, beciase of that slushies will not be available until October 10th. Follow Edgewood Orchard on Facebook for more updates

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