Guys Valentine's Day is a month away, plan ahead, don't blow it!

Too many times in my life have I sat by and watched my friends blow Valentine's Day. It's the same old story over and over again, cheap flowers, cheap chocolates, and a cheap teddy bear...not  only is all of that a waste of money it's not going to cut it. Valentine's Day is realllllyyyy simple and you can crush your Valentine's Day while also supporting local!

First off guys NEVER fall for the "I don't really care about Valentine's Day" phrase that you may hear around this time of year, while yes it may be true that your partner doesn't love Valentine's Day as much as her birthday, or Christmas, you still have an opportunity to make V-Day special.

Here is my best advice MAKE A RESERVATION!!! There are sooooo many great places to grab a bite to eat on Valentine's Day, no flowers, chocolates, or teddy bears needed (unless you know your partner is into that, then yes please do those things too) BUT make a reservation and go to dinner. Getting a little dressed up and sitting down to eat is NEVER a wrong choice when it comes to Valentine's Day. Here are a list of places I would recommend, just click on their names and it will take you to their Facebook pages so you can contact them about their Valentine's Day hours, specials, and reservations.

Dunnbelly, The Yum Factory, Cole's Hearth Room, Tiramisu, Boodalu, The Abbey, LaBinnah Bistro and if you have other suggestions let me know and I will add them to the list!

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