We love Chicago, and you should 1000% take a trip there this summer for a long weekend, but whatever you do DONT go to Chicago July 28th-31st we are warning you...

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Lollapalooza is back...... and it will invade Chicago's beautiful Grant Park once again from July 28th through July 31st. There are some massive names playing Lollapalooza this year including Metallica, Dua Lipa, Machine Gun Kelly, and Green Day, you can buy tickets and learn all about it by clicking here!

I write this because I use to live in Chicago, I was born in that city, I love that city, but Lollapalooza weekend is the WORST weekend of the year to be in Chicago, the city gets flooding with nearly half a million young concert goers looking to have their own Woodstock experience filled with drinking, drugs, and loud music only they aren't doing it in the middle of nowhere in a field, they are doing it in the heart of the 3rd largest city in the USA. These people flood the downtown restaurants and bars for the weekend, crowd the hotels and cause Uber prices to skyrocket, all while normal hard-working Chicagoans just try to go about their days. So if you love Lollapalooza and you can't wait to go, I say that's awesome good for you have a blast, please be respectful of the everyday hard-working people who you encounter.

BUT if you are wanting to take a trip to one of the best cities in the world during summertime to enjoy world-class entertainment, dining, museums, and so on just a friendly reminder from me (a former Chicagoan) don't go during Lollapalooza weekend, you'll have a much better time in Chicago if you go another time.

Here are shots from the greatest views in state of Illinois

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