This is not intended to pick on teens. Distracted driving can and unfortunately does happen to all of us at some point if we're being honest. But, it's worth reflecting back on some close calls that show how easy it is for younger drivers to get distracted and have terrible accidents.

Full disclosure: there is nothing graphic in these videos. Fortunately, most of these resulted in somewhat minor fender benders. I found it compelling that the split camera views show how it doesn't take more than a couple of seconds looking down at your phone before you're in harm's way.

I saw this story shared some time ago by Gizmodo. It's based off of a video put together by AAA regarding teens and distracted driving.

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Minor fender benders can become life-ending tragedies all too easily. There was a video shared on Reddit of a 16-year-old who was famous for sharing speeding videos on Instagram. Doing anything on social media while driving is asking for trouble.

A few years ago, several teens were sharing videos on Snapchat while driving which led to the driver being killed and her passengers being seriously injured along with passengers in another car.

Again, this is not intended to shame teens as we're all susceptible to distracted driving. Drive Means Drive is a campaign designed to remind all of us that your attention behind the wheel must be completely on the road and those around you. Even a few seconds distracted can be deadly.

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